Effect of (S.A.Q) exercises on some biochemical variables for 100m hurdles runners


  • Suha Ali Tahir Physical Education and Sport sciences college for women/ University of Baghdad
  • Abeer Dakhil Hatem College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences for Women, University of Baghdad https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2731-1015




Sakyo exercises, 100m hurdles


Finding training methods and methods and innovative exercises based on various sciences and its reflection on new ideas, and perhaps one of these exercises is the S.A.Q exercise style, and Sakyo exercises are among the modern exercises used in the sports field as they improve performance efficiency. As for the problem of the research, the two researchers noticed that there is a decline in completing the 100m hurdles, this requires investigation and search for the reasons for this decline and standing on the obvious weaknesses in the stages of the sprint, which results in a loss of time for the Iraqi runners, compared to the recent developments of this event, which reflects the level of achievement. (S.A.Q) in some biochemical capabilities and the achievement of 100m hurdles for female 100m hurdles runners under (20) years old and on a sample of (8) runners, and after conducting pretests with the help of the assistant work team and applying the program for Sakyo exercises and then conducting posttests to obtain the results. Collecting data and processing it statistically, the two researchers concluded that the adoption of Sakyo exercises (S.A.Q) works to develop biochemical variables and achievement in 100 meter hurdles sprinters. The two researchers recommended the application of the proposed program using Sakyo exercises (S.A.Q) for female runners in the 100-meter hurdles competition with the same intensity, repetitions, and inter-comfort for its role in improving the levels of biochemical variables (sodium, calcium, and enzyme (C.P.K)


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