The effect of interactive speed exercises on developing some skills Women's futsal


  • Baneen Mukhif Hamzah Physical Education and Sport Sciences college for women / University of Baghdad
  • Fatima Abid Malih Physical Education and Sport Sciences college for women / University of Baghdad
  • Samiha Amara College of Education/ Sultan Qaboos University – Oman



Reactive speed, skills in futsal


The speed of skills has become linked to modern methods of individual and group play, and each of them has begun to serve the other tactically. Through the follow-up of the researchers, they noticed that there is a significant weakness in the speed of performance and slowness in mental preparation, which plays a major role in understanding mental readiness, which is linked to the speed of making decisions during the game, as well as the weakness of the physical speed of the female players, which in turn has an impact on the skill performance of the players of the Iraqi clubs, which are the main supporter of the national team. The study aimed to identify the effect of interactive speed training on the performance of some skills among female under-20 football players for the 2022-2023 sports season in the closed hall of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the capital, Baghdad. The experimental method was used in a controlled manner, two equal groups, experimental and control, with a pre- and post-test on the research sample of Al-Zawraa Club players for the 2023 sports season, which numbered 12 players. They were divided by lottery into two groups, with 6 players in each group, and verification of the normal distribution of the research sample was carried out. After conducting the pre-test and then applying the interactive speed exercises and the post-test, the researchers concluded: 1- Interactive speed exercises led to developing the speed of performing dribbling, handling and scoring skills within one performance in women’s futsal. 2- Using interactive speed exercises led to excitement, a spirit of competition, and fast performance, and this achieves one of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations in Iraq which is (Quality Education). Therefore, it is recommended to use speed exercises in all their forms, which affect the physical aspect and thus affect the endurance of skill performance in women’s futsal. 3- Providing competitive and recreational exercises in order to develop the physical and skill aspects of women’s futsal


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