Copyright and licensing

Copyrights and licensing

Copyright on any research article published by (Modern Sport) journal is retained by the journal after the agreement of author(s).

Modern Sport applies the license of CC BY (a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license). The license ensures that the article will be available as widely as possible and that the article can be included in any scientific archive. The Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) allows users to copy, distribute and transmit an article and adapt the article and make commercial use of the article. The CC BY license permits commercial and non-commercial re-use of an open access article, as long as the author is properly attributed.

Use of the article in whole or part in any medium requires attribution suitable in form and content as follows: [Title of Article/Author/Journal Title and Volume/Issue. Copyright (c) [year] [copyright owner as specified in the Journal]. Links to the final article on Modern Sport website are encouraged where applicable.