Guidelines for Authors

First: General Instructions:

  • A scientific , quarterly and nonprofit journal, specialized in publishing sport researches by physical education and sport sciences college for girls / Baghdad university
  • The journal adopts a policy of double secret arbitration and free access to research without restriction or condition.
  • Names, email addresses, and phones are used in the journal's database for scientific purposes only, and not for any other reasons
  • The journal depends on the license (CC BY 4.0) (a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International  license)
  • A preliminary review of the submitted research was done by the editorial board and an electronic induction was performed, the researcher will get note if there is any problem during the first week.
  • The research was referred to scientific arbitration by the editorial board of two arbitrators who are secretly approved by the journal
  • The arbitration process takes place within a period of (3) weeks, according to the journal's instructions
  • Depending on the recommendations of the arbitrators, the research is accepted as it is or after the amendments are made or rejected, and the researcher is informed of that.
  • After completing the arbitration, the researcher must pay (125,000 ID) as a publication fees , Note that the magazine is non-profit and the above expenses are to cover the fees of arbitration, publishing and translation only
  • Publication for researchers from outside Iraq is completely free for the year (2020).
  • All research arbitration procedures are electronically based on the Open Journal System (OJS).

Second: Publishing instructions:

Publishing instructions in contemporary sports magazine

Title: English and Arabic language

Researcher's name:  English and Arabic language

E-mail: valid not deactivated

phone nummber: valid not deactivated

  • The search tap shall be according to the following sequence :
  • The title should be at the top center of the page in Arabic and English language and in both Arabic and English summaries
  • Research summary in Arabic and English language
  • Blend the issue with the prologue cat the end of the prologue without naming the issue
  • Objectives , assumptions and research fields shall be added and delete the word (section) and write it in as numbers
  • The theoretical section should be deleted
  • Sources should be written according to the U.S system (hours) (the number of the source : number of page ) e.g.(4:125)
  • Objectives and theories shall be written in English and organized just like in Arabic.
  • Research procedures : the research shall be according to the following sequence

2-1 research curriculum

2-2 the research sample +table that shows the research sample

2-3 the conducted testes

2-4 the tools the research used

2-5 educational units (table that shows these units)

2-6 the processed statistics

2-7 research shall include at least four sources or research or Iraqi thesis message

  • Present the results with tables
  • The conclusion (which were the researcher concluded 1- 2- 3- and recommended)
  • Sources (Arabic and English) shall be numbered alphabetically

After finishing the arbitration , publishing fees are requested and it worth (125000) IQD. Not that the magazine is a none profit and these fees are just to cover the fees of arbitration , publishing and translation only.

Publication Procedures

Manuscripts submitting for publication procedures

All academics from Iraqi, Arabic, and foreign universities can send their manuscript for publishing in the modren sport  Journal   according to the following steps:

  • Sending the manuscript electronically to the official website of the Journal of Physical Education on the bottom of
  • the form (Microsoft Word 2010) onwards after you registered on the site as an Author and then login.
  • We strongly recommend choosing the three options below when registering in order to be registered for sending the manuscript and to be an approved reviewer, as well as to get a free electronic copy of each issue sent to your email, so you should full the reviewing interests’ (scope’s of reviewer specialization) as in the picture below.

  • After registering the account and logging into it, go to home page and choose (Make a Submission) then (Make a New Submission)