About journal

The contemporary sport magazine was created in 2005 , it is a scientific magazine specialized in publishing scientific researches about sport science for scientific purposes and scientific promotions, it is published in four issues per year in addition to issues published when needed

It is published by physical education and sport sciences college for girls/ Baghdad university, and it is certified by the international center for the international standard classification number .

It has a deposit number in national library and archive in Baghdad 1309 for the year 2009

It has P-ISSN: 1992-0091 and E-ISSN: 2708-3454

The magazine publishes scientific researchers specialized in physical education and sports science which are:

  • Athletic training , physical exertion physiology , sports psychology , biomechanics
  • Kinetic learning , sport injuries and rehabilitations , tests and measurements , disabled sport
  • Teaching methods , sports managements