About the Journal

The Journal of (Modern sport)   was founded in 2005 and it’s a scientific journal specialized in publishing scientific researches about sports science, for scientific publishing and scientific promotions purposes and it is published in four issues per year, in the following months (March, June, September, December)

  • The journal is published by College of Physical Education ad sports sciences for Women – Baghdad University, and it is certified by the international center for the international standard classification number
  • It has its deposit number in the national library and archives in Baghdad 1309 for 2009
  • The journal can also publish a special issue to bublish a conference researches
  • The first proofreading shall be commenced by the editorial committee and do the electronic quotation, and the researcher shall be informed about any issues during the first week of receiving the research
  • The research shall be arbitrated scientifically and secretly by two certified scientific arbitrators
  • The arbitration process shall take 3 weeks according to the directions of the journal
  • By counting on the recommendations of the arbitrators, the research shall be approved as it is or approved after making some revision or disapprove the research and the researcher will be informed with the decision of the editorial committee
  • After finishing from the arbitration process, publishing fees are requested and it is worth (150.000) IQD. Note that the journal is a non-profit journal and these fees are just to cover the arbitration process, publishing and translation
  • The publishing of researchers outside Iraq shall be free 
  • Each arbitration procedure shall be electronic depending on the Open Journal System (OJS)

Aims and Scope

Publishing academic, applied sports, rehabilitation and management researches which include the topics and modern scientific ideas and prepare it to be within the reach of researchers including students, teachers and the workers in scientific research centers.

The journal publishes scientific research specialized in physical education and sports science and they are:

  • Athletic training- physical exertion physiology – sports psychology – biomechanics
  • Kinetic learning – sports injuries and rehabilitation – tests and measurements – parasports
  • Teaching methods – sports management