Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement Guidelines

The policy of Modern Sports Journal depends on the directory of the Committee on Publication Ethics – COPE) for more information please visit the following website (

All readers, researchers, reviewers s and editors should follow these instructions specifically when dealing with Modern Sports Journal

Duties and Responsibilities of Editorial and Publishers:

  • Publication decision: the editorial committee is the only entity which is responsible about the final approval on publishing the research and the editorial manager is responsible on signing the approval of publishing the research according to the publishing instructions of the journal policies and after the consultation with the editorial committee.
  • Transparency: the editorial committee is the only entity that approves for the publishing of the research according to the terms and policies of the journal and the scientific value of the research regardless of sex, race, originality, denomination and belief of all kinds. Also, the journal is ready to publish corrections, clarifications and provisions if needed.
  • Confidentiality: the editorial committee and the people who work in the journal are obligated to ensure of confidentiality of the researcher’s information including private information and the information of the research except the necessary information that are approved by the researcher to be published.
  • Conflict of Interest: the members of the editorial committee and the people who work in the journal are not allowed to use the information of the rejected researches for their personal benefit, only after getting a hand written approval of the researcher him\herself
  • Appeals and complaints: the researchers who got their research rejected by one of the reviewers s can file an appeal against the arbitration decision, and the editorial committee can review the appeal and send the research to a third reviewers within the field.
  • Punctuality: The Modern sports Journal is obligated to the publishing dates which is every three months which is four issues within the volume of the year


Duties and Responsibilities of Reviewers

  • Contribution to Editorial Decision: The reviewer contributes to assisting the editorial board in issuing the final ruling to accept the publication of the research through its substantive recommendations, as well as assisting researchers in correcting his research. On its part, the editorial board is obligated to maintaining the confidentiality of the arbitration and not disclosing the name of the arbitrator unless approved by the arbitrator himself.
  • Promptness and punctuality: The reviewer is obligated to the accuracy of the research reviewing dates, which amount to (3) weeks from the date of receiving the research, and according to the research arbitration instructions for the journal. by the editorial board.
  • Confidentiality: The reviewer is obligated to the confidentiality of the reviewing process and not to disclose research and discuss it with a third party other than the editorial board.
  • Objectivity: The reviewer shall abide by the objective criteria of the reviewing process by relying on scientific facts and research arbitration instructions for the journal, and not to rely on personal opinions that are not scientifically proven, regardless of gender, race, ancestor, doctrine, nationality and affiliation of the researcher. The arbitrator also has the right to ask the researcher for additional details or information about any part of the research.
  • Acknowledgement of Sources: The reviewer is obligated to try to identify fictitious sources or to rely on unreliable sources (some books and websites that are not solid), or that paragraphs of the research are extracted from texts from similar works and inform the editorial board of this, as well as the conformity of the sources in the body of the research with the sources in the list of references.
  • Conflicts of Interest: The reviewer is obliged to disclose to the editorial board any conflict of interest that makes him biased in the arbitration of research, or that the arbitration of research will be in the interest of specific persons or institutions, or a personal relationship, or any other interest.


Duties and Responsibilities for Authors

  • Preparation standards: Researchers must fully abide by the journal publishing policy and the style of research writing in terms of language, form, content and citation, and avoid plagiarism of all kinds, which is a serious violation of publishing ethics.
  • Concurrent Publication and Republish: Researchers should avoid simultaneous publishing of a research by submitting it to more than one journal or to a conference, or submitting previously published research in a journal for re-publication.
  • Authenticity and Plagiarism: Researchers must submit original research, not plagiarism of all kinds, use correct citations, ensure the rights of others and not marginalize them.
  • The Manuscript Authors: The names of the research authors must be identified with the people who actually contributed to the preparation of the research, whether by idea, design, implementation or writing. (Approval of the researcher’s permit and copyright) announced on the journal’s website within the researchers’ instructions
  • Disclosure and Conflict of Interest: Researchers must clearly disclose the financial support or any other support provided to them for the purpose of completing the research, with an indication of the role of the sponsoring institution to complete the research in the event of such cases.
  • Notification of Fundamental Errors: Researchers must notify the fundamental errors or inaccuracies in their published research when this is revealed at any time and cooperate with the editorial board in order to correct the error or withdraw the research.
  • Malpractice Statement: Malpractice Statement: In the event that it is proven and documented that the researcher(s) have committed one of the cases of misconduct that includes (plagiarism, fabrication of data (or, and falsification), simultaneous or duplicate publication or incorrect attribution of research authors); The editorial board of the magazine will take the following measures:
  • Immediate rejection of the submitted research.
  • Putting the names of all researchers participating in the research in the blacklist for a period of (3) years from the date of the matter.
  • Based on the above paragraph, any new research will not be accepted from any of the participating researchers before the end of the specified period, whether the research is single or joint.
  • Not accepting any new joint research that contains any of the names of the sanctioned researchers, even if there are new researchers who are not on the blacklist.
  • Modern Sports Journal retains its legal right to prosecute and in accordance with the Iraqi law in force