Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement Guidelines

  • Publishing Ethics Policy and Misconduct

    The publishing ethics policy of the journal "Modern Sport" is based on the standards set by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). All readers, researchers, and reviewers must strictly adhere to these guidelines when dealing with the journal.

    Researcher Guidelines:

    1. Commitment to the principles, standards, and ethics of scientific research, as well as citation rules and documentation when publishing articles in the journal.
    2. Providing authentic research, a list of references consulted in the research, and writing the research in accordance with the journal's guidelines.
    3. Not submitting research that has been previously published in other journals, and not submitting the research to multiple journals simultaneously because it goes against the ethics of scientific publishing.
    4. Confirmation of obtaining approval from all participating authors and contributors in the research, and arranging the names of researchers according to their scientific contributions.
    5. Avoiding all forms of unethical behavior, such as plagiarism and forgery.
    6. Disclosing to the journal's editorial board any conflicts of interest that may impact the evaluation of the submitted research for publication.
    7. The researcher's commitment to the reviewers' notes, and in the event that he doesn't agree proposed modifications, the researcher must provide a logical justification. Otherwise, the journal reserves the right to reject the publication.

    Reviewer Guidelines:

    1. Full commitment to the standards set by the international Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) in their role as a reviewer when evaluating the research.
    2. Informing the editorial manager or editor-in-chief if they are not prepared to evaluate the research.
    3. The reviewer should not accept to review a research paper that involves a conflict of interest resulting from competitive relationships or any other reasons.
    4. Commitment to the designated timeframe for reviewing the research.
    5. Ensuring that the research is free from any form of plagiarism or scientific misconduct, and promptly notifying the editor-in-chief of any similarities between the research under review and previously published researches.
    6. Commitment to strict confidentiality standards regarding the peer- review process, considering it as confidential documentation that should not be disclosed or discussed with others, except as permitted by the editor-in-chief.
    7. The commitment to objectivity in the judgments and results arising from the peer-review process.

    Editor-in-Chief Guidelines:

    1. The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for selecting appropriate reviewers who have expertise in the subject matter of the research, in collaboration with the editorial board and maintaining complete confidentiality.
    2. The Editor-in-Chief has full authority in making the final decisions regarding all submission processes for publication.
    3. The decisions regarding publication or non-publication are based on the reviewers' notes and recommendations, as well as the scientific quality, its rigor, and its relevance to the journal's field of expertise.
    4. Addressing authors' complaints and retaining any documents related to the complaints.
    5. Not-discriminating against authors based on race, origin, gender, or country.
    6. Emphasizing to the editors and the work team the importance of work confidentiality.
    7. In the event of proven and documented cases of misconduct by the researcher, such as plagiarism, data fabrication, data falsification, or duplicate publication, the editorial board will take the following actions:
    • Immediate rejection of the submitted research.
    • Listing the names of all researchers involved in the misconduct on a blacklist for a period of (3 years) starting from the date of the decision.
    • The journal "Modern Sports" reserves its legal right to pursue legal action in accordance with the applicable Iraqi law.

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