Peer review policy

  • Journal of (modern Sport) follows the policy of double anonymised review, which includes presenting the research to two arbitrators in the field of specialization.
  • The researcher(s) can suggest arbitrators, and in this case, the name of the arbitrator and the auxiliary means to contact him (institutional e-mail - phone number - fax) and the necessary information about the arbitrator (Google Scholar - ORCID - Scopus ID) must be installed in the search interface from In order to assist the editorial board in reaching the arbitrator and ensuring his eligibility and his field of specialization.
  • The researcher must state the reasons for the request.
  • Submission of this application is not binding on the journal.
  • In the event that the editorial board is not satisfied with the proposed arbitrator, the application will be rejected and the researcher will be informed.
  • In the event that the proposed arbitrator is fake, the journal will reject the research and reserve its legal right in accordance with the policy of misconduct