The impact of the guided imagination strategy on learning to perform some volleyball skills among fifth preparatory students


  • Fatima Naeem Abdullah Physical Education and Sport sciences college for women/ Baghdad University
  • Aseel Jaleel Qatea University of Baghdad



directed imagination strategy, learning to perform volleyball skills


Imagination is inherent to the stages of life and is distinguished from concepts, so the imagination is the formation of ideas in the brain and they are presented and find solutions to them and satisfy the needs for confronting situations, and the importance of research emerged based on the strategy of imagination directed in learning some volleyball skills, and as for the problem of weakness that occurs among students when learning volleyball skills especially for beginners, to show a weakness in their learning of the skillful performance of some volleyball skills. The aim of the research is to prepare educational units with the directed imagination strategy for the fifth preparatory school students, and to identify the impact of the directed imagination strategy in learning to perform some volleyball skills among the fifth preparatory school students. One experimental group with two tests, pre and post, on a sample of (26) students who were randomly selected by (25%) from Division B in a school from Al-Aqila Preparatory School, who are continuing to attend attendance for the academic year (2021-2022), and after determining the tests, the strategy in question was experimented for a period (12) consecutive time weeks for each skill (4) educational units, at the rate of one educational unit per week, and after the end of the experiment it was done together, the results were evaluated using the (SPSS) system, and the two researchers concluded that the application of the guided imagination strategy helps in improving the level of performance of crushing hitting skills, court defense, and the front preparation over the head in volleyball among the fifth preparatory students. With the guided imagination strategy to be applied to students of different stages in a manner that depends on scientific planning according to the foundations and principles of motor learning


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Fatima Naeem Abdullah, & Aseel Jaleel Qatea. (2023). The impact of the guided imagination strategy on learning to perform some volleyball skills among fifth preparatory students. Modern Sport, 22(1), 0034.