The effect of a suggested recreational accompanying music program in reducing the degree of depression in orphaned children

  • Rana Turky Dr. Intisar Kadhum


- Introduction and Research Problem: Orphaned children in general and orphaned children in orphanages in particular are exposed to some mental disorders, which if left may worsen and become psychopathology difficult to treat easily. These disorders due to the orphan's child feeling lonely, sadness, frustration, depression and a feeling of disinterest due to his loss to one The importance of research in the use of a new method to alleviate the degree of depression in orphaned children through the use of their leisure time in exercise for health and recreation or the use of curricula and recreational and technical programs in orphanages. In order to alleviate the degree of depression in orphaned children in the upper flowers of the orphanage.

The research aimed to identify the impact of the proposed recreational program accompanying music in reducing the degree of depression in orphaned children                                                                                                 

The authors hypothesized that there was a statistically significant difference between pretest and post-test of the depression scale for children and in favor of post-test                                                                       

The research was carried out on a sample of orphans of the upper flowers of the orphans in Karrada and the number of (23) orphan children and the ages of 10-14 years and for the period (25-2-2019) and until (26-5-2019) in one of the halls of the upper flowers of the orphanage                                                                                                               

2-Research Methodology and Field Procedures: The two researchers used the experimental method of analog samples with experimental design with pre- and post-test for one group. Original research community. The steps involved in carrying out the research included the researchers' exploratory experiment and explained the importance of the exploratory experiment. Distributed the measure of depression for orphan children as a pretest test as explained by the recreational program that they built and then modified by experts and specialists where the program was applied for 3 months and by (3) units per week and over (12) week included recreational exercises containing a variety Of the tools including (balls, hoops, cassettes and recreational music .......... etc) and then was a post-test is the application of the scale of depression on the research sample itself. Data are then collected, interpreted in tables, tabulated and statistically processed.             

  1. Presentation and Interpretation of the Results: This chapter includes the presentation, analysis and discussion of the results .

4-CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: The researchers concluded that the proposed recreational program on the research sample has a positive effect in reducing the degree of depression.                                

The researchers recommended the application of various sports, recreational and recreational curricula and programs in orphanages in order to fill their void