study of the reality of the quality of administrative performance of the Central Iraqi Union by hand from the point of view of trainers

  • M. Suhier Mutib Dr. Muna Talib


The interest in studying the quality of administrative performance by the Iraqi handball is beneficial and beneficial to the game in our beloved country, and this is one of the important researches that must be taken care of, because of its diminution on the one hand and its importance on the quality of their administrative performance on the other hand, so the importance of this study is reflected in highlighting the implications of the role of quality performance The administrator in the development of the federation and that any effort to improve its level has the effect and importance in developing the game.

. As for the research problem: The quality of administrative performance is directly linked with those institutions and organizations that lead the Iraqi sport. It aims to achieve all that is positive and research and investigation in what would achieve progress at the technical and administrative level. Therefore, those responsible for any sports institution must take into consideration Searching for quality of performance and not only administrative performance that does not meet the aspirations of those involved in this sports establishment, and its importance is great for workers in the Iraqi Handball Federation as it is the work coordinator and a guide for workers in this field and And for the previous studies that produced its role in the development of workers in the field of physical education and through the researchers ’observation and studies on studies, research and results, I found that there is a disparity in the quality of the administrative performance of the Iraqi federation by hand and its repercussions later on the work of the union and by this we can put the following question: -

  1. Is the quality of administrative performance of the Iraqi Handball Federation characterized by excellence and creativity?

The research aims: to identify the quality of administrative performance. Knowing the reality of the quality of the administrative performance of the Iraqi Federation by handball.

Research imposition: The Central Iraqi Federation was distinguished by its handball quality of administrative performance

To achieve the goals of the research, the researchers used the descriptive approach, the research community was determined by the coaches of clubs in Iraq by (60) coaches in the Premier League, (90) coaches in the first degree league, while the research sample consisted of (30) coaches in the Premier League and (40) Trainer in the first degree league with a percentage of (46.66%). The researchers also used the measure of the administrative performance quality, which consists of (47) items.

Then the two researchers processed the results in the winning section to get the results of the research

The researchers reached some conclusions, the most important of which are:

  1. Lack of seriousness and taking into consideration the basic principles of quality of performance.
  2. The quality of performance plays an important role in changing and developing the Iraqi Central Handball Federation.

The researchers reached some recommendations:

  1. Provide an opportunity for everyone to freely express their opinions by engaging them in development courses and workshops.
  2. Apply the standard to other unions at the level of Iraq and all games.

Key words: performance, management, handball

Keywords: performance, management, handball,