The effect of exercises according to the differentiated education method in developing agility and learning the collar skill of students in rhythmic gymnastics

  • منــال مـحمـد احــمد أ.د مواهب حميد الجبوري


The second half of the last century witnessed a great scientific revolution that was able to bring about wide changes in various fields, including the field of physical education, which plays a fundamental role in the process of change for the better, and which knocked all the doors of modern science in various aspects and from this perspective we see that students have different capabilities And interests and motives, which require providing a differentiated education, and this depends on the necessity of knowing each student and on the school’s ability to know appropriate strategies for teaching each student so there is no single way to teach so the research problem comes in experimenting with an educational method that works on developing agility faster and better than the rest of the methods so the researcher found Carrying out an experimental study by examining exercises in a differentiated education method, which is a newly used method. In turn, teaching the performance of the collar skill is taught to students of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science at the University of Kirkuk. Dimensional tests and the statistical bag (spss) were used to extract the Results and through it she concluded through her research to increase the effectiveness of the differentiated teaching method in female students' teaching than the rest of the teaching methods because of its positive impact on learning the performance of ring skill in rhythmic gymnastics.