Organizational performance of the sports activity supervisors in the Director of the Verses of Education throughout Iraq except Kurdistan region

  • طيبة هاشم ادهم
  • أ.د. نهاد محمد علوان


The research problem was represented by the lack of interest in the organizational performance of the supervisors of the activity. Adultery in the education directorates, as it represents the final result and the outcome achieved by the school sports people, which like to be on a high degree of efficiency, effectiveness and creativity.  The case and the research community is referring to the technical supervisors in the school sport divisions throughout Iraq intentionally Kurdistan Region. The two researchers have built the organizational performance scale in a way that matches the specificity of the research problem and its sample.  Statistical results (spss) The results of the organizational creativity axis appeared in the first order in the axes of the organizational performance scale, Walid Al-Ghayia Medical, and after him the natural competence in a way that shows the importance of the organizational performance of the miniature in general and the school sport in particular