The relationship of flexibility and grip strength among women with osteoporosis, ages (40-50) years

  • اسراء كاظم الغزالي ا.د منى طالب البدري


The importance of the current study lies in the degree of flexibility and the extent of grip strength, which is one of the good features that can increase the strength and rigidity of bones in women with osteoporosis, and this requires some exercises that stop the increase in the loss of bone density.                                                          

The research problem revolved around women who suffer from early interruption of the menstrual cycle and the consequent deficiency in the secretion of the estrogen hormone, which has the main role in reducing the dissolution of calcium in the bones, in addition to not practicing sports activity, which has an effective role in prevention, treatment and reduction of operations Low bone mass.                                       

The study aimed to identify the flexibility and grip strength of women with osteoporosis between the ages of (40-50) years, as well as the relationship between flexibility and grip strength in women with osteoporosis The researchers used the descriptive approach on a sample of (9) women of (40-50) years old in Al-Sadr Teaching Hospital / Najaf.                                                                                 

The two researchers concluded in their conclusions that the greater the degree of flexibility and strength of the grip in the injured can positively affect osteoporosis, as well as that the lack of regular exercise is not in the interest of women with osteoporosis.