The effect of modeling style in reducing bullying middle school students


  • Dr. Hiam Qassim



modeling technique - bullying


Behavior of bullying: Behavior of bullying, aims to impose control, and inflict physical, verbal and psychological harm to others, and has psychological, social and economic effects on the individual and society because it reflects the state of contradiction in the human personality, Hence, the research problem arose, and the researcher sought to find an answer to the following question:

What is the effect of the modeling technique on reducing the behavior of bullying among middle school students?

The research gains its importance by putting the method in the handbook of educational counselors to benefit from it.

The current research aims to:

1 - measuring the behavior of bullying among middle school students.    

2 - to identify the effect of modeling in reducing the behavior of bullying

And to achieve the objectives of the research, the researcher formed a null hypothesis which states that there are no statistical differences between the experimental and control groups

The current research is determined for intermediate secondary and middle school students in Diyala / Baquba city center.

To achieve the research goals, the researcher adopted a benign scale and the specialists in this field who confirmed that it was applied to a sample of (400) students of the second grade to restore the truth and stability, from the ground up, the re-evaluation (0.85) and error with stability (0.83) and then the scale is ready for implementation and the total number of paragraphs (44) paragraph and thus assumed by (87).

Two schools were chosen from the community schools in a deliberate manner, measuring (100) students randomly selected and (50) students from each school (32) students were selected from students who scored above the average, after ruling out the students who didn’t want to participate, the rest of the students were not evaluated then they were grouped into two groups, an experimental group and control group as (10) students in each group. The researcher chose the design of the experimental and control groups with post-test, while the control group didn’t receive any processing, the program has been built according to the planning, programming and time system, and may have a number of sessions (14) as (2) sessions per week. earch results shown the modeling technique effect in reducing the bullying behavior and thus the researcher came out with a number of resolutions and proposals



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