The impact of using mental perception strategy in the manner of collaborative groups in learning some basic skill in volleyball


  • Dania Salman Alfaraje



استراتيجيه التصور الذهني


The aim of the research is to use the mental visualization strategy, and to identify the effect of the cooperative group-style strategy in learning some basic skills in volleyball, as the researcher used the experimental design with two groups, control and experimental, and the research sample consisted of (20) students who were chosen randomly by lottery from my divisions  (A-C), and the sample was divided into two experimental and control groups of (10) students for each group, and the duration of the educational program implementation lasted (6) weeks and at a rate of (2) educational units per week.  The use of the mental visualization strategy has a positive role in the learning units over a period of (6) weeks and regularly is considered effective in teaching my skills (preparation from the top and reception from the bottom) in volleyball, and that the cooperative method has led to a positive impact in developing and improving the performance of basic skills in volleyball.  The researcher recommends the necessity of using the mental visualization strategy in a cooperative method in learning basic skills because of its effectiveness in improving the performance of preparation from the top and reception from the bottom.  Also, an emphasis on the use of skill exercises and giving them great importance in the lesson, as they lead to mastering basic skills.


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