The effect of the seven-course learning strategy on learning some offensive handball skills for female students


  • Ghofran Ziad Khalaf خلف
  • Dr. Widad Kadhum majeed



Hence the importance of the research through the use of the strategy of the seven-cycle learning cycle in learning some offensive skills of handball for female students for female students, as this strategy is one of the modern strategies that are concerned with the educational aspect of the student and are used in various teaching situations. Specialists in the educational process in that the performance of female students is limited in the educational process, so the researchers decided to find a strategy of the Seven Learning Cycle (ES.7) in teaching some handball skills. For the students, as for the research hypothesis, there is a positive effect of the strategy of the seven-course learning cycle in learning the performance of some handball skills for the female students, as the research method was the two researchers used the current research method, the experimental method using the experimental and control groups, and the current research community is determined by the students of the second stage in the College of Physical Education and Science Sports for girls at the University of Baghdad for the academic year 2021-2022, and their number is (96) students The research sample, who are students of my divisions (A and B), were chosen deliberately for the sample’s commitment to the educational units with the help of the subject school in applying the strategy, as the research sample consisted of (48) female students from the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences for Girls - University of Baghdad for the academic year 2021 - 2022 and at a rate of (50%) of the total population, which were divided randomly into two groups (experimental and control) with (24) students for each group, where Division (A) was for the experimental group, and Division (B) was the control group, as the two researchers chose ( 4) Female students from the research community, as for the conclusions: Teaching according to the seven-cycle learning strategy is better and more positive than the adopted method. Recommendations: The two researchers recommend the need to use the seven-cycle learning strategy in other studies, other activities, and different age groups


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