The effect of muscle stretching exercises on some physiological variables of swimming practices at the age of (35-40) years




The research introduction included addressing the importance of various exercises for muscular stretching, which mainly aims to build physical and physiological capabilities under scientific conditions to achieve the purpose for which these exercises were developed. The research problem emerged by observing the low physical level of swimming practices, which leads to continuous muscle spasms as a result Inevitable for poor motor abilities, including flexibility. Through familiarizing the two researchers with the sources and modern research and taking the opinions of experts and specialists, as well as working in the field of fitness and swimming for long periods, they diagnosed an important situation that is constantly repeated among the vast majority of trainees of all ages and is considered one of the dangerous phenomena, which is the phenomenon of weak motor fitness, which inevitably affects the correct movement and preventing the person from performing the correct muscular work. The two researchers used the experimental method for one group, and tests related to physiological variables, and by applying muscle stretching exercises on a sample of the research community, they were chosen randomly. The research sample consisted of (7) trainees. The results were treated by statistical means through the use of (SPSS statistical bag) and the results were presented in tables and discussed. The study concluded that the adoption of muscle stretching exercises works to develop some physiological variables of swimming practices at ages (35-40). The two researchers recommended the need to adopt muscle stretching exercises for swimming practices at ages (35-40) as well as other age groups


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Iman Kadhum Al-temimi, & Muna Talib Al-badry. (2023). The effect of muscle stretching exercises on some physiological variables of swimming practices at the age of (35-40) years. Modern Sport, 22(1), 0001.