Efficiency of cognitive representation of information and its role in the power of cognitive control to perform the skill of crushing hitting with volleyball





The aim of the research is to identify the effect of the degree of representation and its role in the power of cognitive control and the performance of the skill of crushing hitting with volleyball.  11:3) were executed by the two researchers (Jinan Ghazi and Naglaa Abbas 2020), and the research sample consisted of students of the third stage of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences for Girls, and their number was (30) students who were randomly selected by lottery from the divisions (B-D), the two researchers reached  To several conclusions, the most important of which is that there is a statistically significant correlation between models of cognitive representation and cognitive control, and there is a significant correlation between model of cognitive representation and the skill of overwhelming multiplication in the research sample of third-stage female students in the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences for Girls, and the two researchers recommended: the need to pay attention to cognitive representation  For information through paying attention to the cognitive structures of female students while learning the skill of overwhelming multiplication, it helps to develop sports performance and the necessity of conducting a study  Similar events for different age groups and other different events.





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