The effect of applied anaerobic exercises on the development of some special physical abilities and the level of digital achievement for long jump players under 20 years’ old


  • Haider Abdul-zahra Rbeit Baghdad Education Directorat/ Karkh 3rd



anaerobic exercise, physical abilities, long jump achievement


The modern scientific progress in the numbers of applied anaerobic exercises to develop the physical capabilities and according to the intensity used in the training and in a manner commensurate with the need of each physical ability in terms of adaptation to physical effort, and the effectiveness of the long jump is one of these activities that require special physical specifications and capabilities aimed at achieving the best achievements, where the research problem is determined in The achievement of female players in the long jump event does not rise to acceptable levels, as a result of a weakness in physical capabilities. Therefore, it has become impossible to develop these capabilities, as well as achievement in the long jump event, except through organized training. The research aims to prepare applied anaerobic exercises in developing some The physical capabilities and achievement in the digital level of the long jump players under 20 years old, and the researcher used the experimental approach with the pre and post-test of the experimental and control groups to suit the nature of the research. The research sample was selected using a comprehensive enumeration method, and the sample was divided into two groups, the experimental group and the control group, with a rate of (10 no exercises) for each group, applied anaerobic exercises were applied for a period of eight weeks, at the rate of three training units per week, and the researcher used the statistical bag (spss) to process the data. Long term under 20 years old


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