The effect of Ki-Hara style exercises on developing special strength and some defensive skills in handball


  • Milad Abd Ali Physical Education and Sport Sciences college for women / University of Baghdad
  • Intidhar Jumaa Mubarak Physical Education and Sport Sciences college for women / University of Baghdad



ki-hara style training, handball, muscular strength, defense


Handball has become one of the sports that delights onlookers as a result of its attractiveness, beauty, speed of performance and the transition from attack to defence, in addition to the fact that achieving achievement and levels in this sport did not come out of the blue, but rather science was and still is the basis for it. Scientific development has added many modern training methods that suit the nature and capabilities of the player, so the training process took a form and organizational structure consistent with the state of the new development of methods and means used in the training process. The research aimed to prepare exercises in the  (Ki-Hara)  style for the players of the specialized school in reel. hand, and identifying the effect of Ki-Hara style exercises in developing the special strength and some defensive skills of the handball specialist school players. Through the two researchers’ follow-up of the handball specialist school training, they noticed the coaches’ reliance on traditional methods of flexibility and stretching training using machines and weights or with body weights. Passive as resistance, which the player then tries to overcome. Therefore, the researchers resorted to “using the Ki-Hara method as a new or innovative form of flexibility training, founded by Steven Sierra and Anne Tierney, which works to develop both strength and flexibility together in the training unit, where the player constantly deals with his muscles.” While the other end gently pushes it inward by dynamically lengthening and strengthening the body in safe ranges, thus keeping the muscles and joints safe from injury.” The two researchers used the experimental method in the style of one experimental group with two pre and post-tests to suit the nature of the research problem. The research sample was represented by the players of the Specialized School of Handball, who numbered 14 players, and this achieves one of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations in Iraq which is (Good Health). The two researchers concluded: - The exercises prepared by the two researchers have a major role in developing special strength (explosive strength of the arms - legs, strength distinguished by speed) and in developing handball defensive skills (confrontation – coverage).


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