The effect of bungee and similar physical exercises using rubber ropes on learning some skills of Backstroke for female students, third stage, College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences for Women - University of Baghdad


  • Sabah Latif Hasan Physical Education and Sport Sciences college for women / University of Baghdad
  • Mawahib Hameed Numan Physical Education and Sport Sciences college for women / University of Baghdad



bungee exercises, backstroke


In view of the tremendous development we are experiencing today and the information revolution, researchers and specialists, despite their different views on the best methods of education in general and motor learning in particular, are seeking to innovate modern educational methods to acquire motor skills that are based on the foundations and principles of motor education, which requires variable learning processes. Its priority is the methods and types of applied exercises used in the learning processes, especially if there are some motor skills that need to choose the appropriate method to learn them according to their requirements. Therefore, the research problem was crystallized by considering that the swimming lesson is one of the students’ favorite lessons, and because it deals with the water environment, it generates may be great fears that hinder the students from learning the skill in a healthy manner, so the researchers decided to use bungee ropes because they teach the student to perform the exercise correctly, which makes it easier for her to perform it in the water. The research community was chosen from the female students of the third stage, for the academic year (2022-2023), who numbered (106) students distributed among (3) classes. As for the research sample, it amounted to (30) female students distributed among three classes who were chosen randomly, with a percentage 28.30%, then the two researchers prepared a questionnaire about swimming skills and three tests were chosen: backstroke with only legs for a distance of (15) meters, backstroke with only arms for a distance of (15) meters, and backstroke for a distance of 15 meters. Then the two researchers, with the help of the assistant work team, conducted the exploratory experiment on a sample of (10) students. The two researchers prepared the educational units. After determining the backstroke skills, the two researchers developed the educational units for the experimental group in a way that suits the subject and sample of the research, distributed over (6) weeks and two educational units per week. Then the educational units were implemented on the research sample, under direct supervision by the two researchers, and they were achieved. The researchers concluded from the results using the SPSS system that learning using bungee ropes helped teach backstroke skills and proved its worth through the results of the two experimental groups versus the control group. Learning backstroke skills using bungee ropes helped the students solve the problems they may face while performing in the pool. The bungee ropes also helped the students to strengthen the muscles of the limbs, which in turn contributed to the method of performance, and this achieves one of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations in Iraq which is (Good Health). The researchers recommended adopting bungee ropes in teaching sports skills and conducting a similar study on different sports skills


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